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Video Visit Quick Guide

For your video visit you will need:

  • An Apple or Android smartphone or tablet, which is recommended for the best experience OR
  • A computer with camera, speakers, and microphone will also work
  • A MyChart account, login, and password for yourself or minor child. For assistance in obtaining a MyChart account, please contact your provider’s office.

Step 1 – Prepare for your visit:

  • Access the video visit using the MyChart and Zoom Apps (smartphone or tablet). Both will require a one-time install to your device:
    • To download the MyChart app to your device, search “MyChart” in the App Store or Google PlayStore. Check that you can log into the app using your MyChart login and password.
    • To download the Zoom app to your device, search “Zoom” in the App Store or Google PlayStore.*There is no need to create a Zoom account and no charge for the Zoom App*
  • Ensure you will be in Connecticut or a state in which your provider is licensed at the time of your video visit. Please contact your provider if you will not be in Connecticut to verify your eligibility.
  • Ensure you will be in a private location with reliable Wi-Fi or LTE at the time of your video visit.
  • For information on a video visit that includes an American Sign Language interpreter, use the ASL and Video Visit Tip Sheet

Step 2 – The day before your video visit:

  • Complete the eCheck-in process by opening MyChart, logging in, and choosing the video visit appointment. Select “eCheck-in.”
  • Verify your personal information and complete all sections, tapping “Continue” to progress. You will be required to sign any outstanding documents, including your telehealth consent. Click submit. You’ll receive a message that your eCheck-in is complete.

  • Helpful hints
    1. Turn on your microphone and speakers
    2. Turn up your volume
    3. Turn off your Bluetooth (unless using for medical device)
    4. Ask your provider about including an interpreter in your visit

Step 3 – At least 15 minutes before your video visit:

  • Navigate to your video visit appointment.
  • Select “Begin Visit” in MyChart.
  • If prompted open in Zoom. You may see a “Waiting for host to start this meeting” message. If you get this message, you are in a virtual waiting room and need to wait for the provider to join and admit you into the video visit.
  • Allow access to your microphone and camera and select “Join with Video” in Zoom.
  • Once the meeting is joined, select “Wifi or Cellular Data”
  • Once your provider joins, options are available to leave the meeting, mute/unmute sound, and in-call chat.
    Note: If you hit “Leave the Meeting” by mistake, navigate back to MyChart and select “Begin Visit” to access the visit.

For assistance, call our patient support team: 475-246-8041
*Please note: These instructions do not apply to any non-scheduled video visit with your clinician