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Sandra Abi Fadel, MD

Radiology & Biomedical Imaging, Neuroradiology


Sandra Abi Fadel, MD, is a neuroradiologist who performs imaging to diagnose conditions that affect the brain, spine and spinal cord, neck (including classification and grading of throat cancers), temporo-mandibular joints, and salivary glands. She uses multiple modalities, including X-ray, CT scan, and MRI, as well as such diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as guided lumbar puncture, myelography, and epidural blood patch.

“For me, the brain is the most important organ in our system. It makes us who we are,” Dr. Abi Fadel says. “I admire the brain anatomy and how every region in it is in charge of a specific function. Correlating patients’ neurological symptoms to specific anatomic regions in the brain and abnormalities on brain imaging is what I enjoy doing on daily basis.”

Using advanced imaging techniques to make a specific neurologic diagnosis can have an important impact on managing and treating a condition in a timely and effective manner, she adds. “We are on your side. Each and every one of us is a patient advocate in his or her own specialty.”


  • Assistant Professor

Education & Training

  • MD
    Yale New Haven Hospital, Diagnostic Radiology & Biomedical Imaging - Neuroradiology section (2020)
  • Neuroradiology Fellow
    Yale New Haven Hospital (2020)
  • Radiology Resident
    American University of Beirut (2019)
  • MD
    Lebanese University, Faculty of Medical Sciences (2013)

Languages Spoken

  • العربية (Arabic)
  • English
  • Français (French)

Additional Information